Consumer Warning : SafeLink Wireless Lifeline Program

Issues with SafeLink.  Abusive Customer Service.

Company failed to provide services, both throgh LifeLine phone program and paid TracPhone servicees.

I was harassed and name called by Customer Support, including a supervisor.

They failed to document calls, and failure to offer ticket numbers.

I work IT Support customer service myself and had I acted in the way SafeLink support has, I would have been fired multiple times.

I have had SafeLink for about a year.  Toward end of the year the provided phone stopped working so I upgraded to a better phone recently.  The phone worked great for 3 weeks until suddenly it was no longer able to make or receive phone calls within a day after purchasing minutes from TracPhone.  The new phone was purchased directly from SafeLink (have all documentation, receipt of purchase, packaging all Safelink branded)

They sent a new SIM card which turned out to a T-mobile SIM, but the phone provided is an AT&T network based LG G4

Safelink service stopped working at residence on March 22nd, 
Data and Texting worked but was unable to make or receive calls at home.
I had 4-5 signal bars at home.  For two weeks I was without the ability to make phone calls or receive.

I called SafeLink on March 27th and spoke with tech support at Safelink, her name was Sarah.
During the call she was extremely rude, claimed it was not there problem. She claimed Tmobile  told her that there was no coverage in the area.  I got T-mobile on a three way call who claimed there was 100 percent coverage in the area, and the issue was with a Tmobile sim in an ATT phone.

Was informed Tuesday, by Sarah, on March 27th an AT&T SIM Card would be sent overnight priority.
Sarah failed to document this call, failed to provide me with a ticket number.
I called 3 more times during this asking for update as well as to troubleshoot the phone.

Tuesday April 3rd, two weeks without phone service.
A new sim CARD has not even been sent.

I spoke with Devine at SafeLink who claims I have never called them and no sim card was ever ordered.
They had no records of my calls and no tickets open.

I informed them, that I recorded all my calls with them, and while they may not be properly documenting anything, I do, its my job.  I called them via VoiP with my IT company that records and documents all outgoing calls.

I paid $40 for unlimited calls this month and it was not provided to me, and they refused to refund a service they did not provide.  They refused to refund me, even though they failed to provide the service.

TRACPhone support was called on March 30th the fully troubleshoot and diagnose phone. They wiped phone. and claimed that Tmobile coverage in my area was having issues and that an AT&T sim card would work better in phone at its an AT&T locked device.

I was transferred to a manager today named Gustal .Being transferred to another department that handles SIM Cards. Gustal again confirmed that no order had been placed.

He claimed it was not there fault saying I bought phone from AT&T.  This is not true.
I bought it directly from Safelink and had the box and paperwork in front of me.

Despite being very friendly and polite with Gustal, as I am a CDI Certified Customer support technician with over 10 years training, he accused me of being a liar, even though I was speaking politely and civil.  He said I never called Safelink before and that I was "making up stories."

I asked him how is he allowed to speak to a customer this way, let alone someone who has been without LifeLine service for 2 weeks and showed no empathy whatsoever. He was more concerned with his employees than my service. Never once apologized, claimed it was my fault.

I asked him how they planned to keep customers if you call them names.
I informed him his call was being recorded as well.  

He then proceeded to tell me he could not send me a new sim card because his web sites were not working and he hung up on me.

I cancelled my services today. I will be reporting this company for fraud.

Gustal: His phone number and direct extension.
ext 3324