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Consumer Warning : SafeLink Wireless Lifeline Program

Issues with SafeLink.  Abusive Customer Service.
Company failed to provide services, both throgh LifeLine phone program and paid TracPhone servicees.
I was harassed and name called by Customer Support, including a supervisor.
They failed to document calls, and failure to offer ticket numbers.
I work IT Support customer service myself and had I acted in the way SafeLink support has, I would have been fired multiple times.
I have had SafeLink for about a year.  Toward end of the year the provided phone stopped working so I upgraded to a better phone recently.  The phone worked great for 3 weeks until suddenly it was no longer able to make or receive phone calls within a day after purchasing minutes from TracPhone.  The new phone was purchased directly from SafeLink (have all documentation, receipt of purchase, packaging all Safelink branded)
They sent a new SIM card which turned out to a T-mobile SIM, but the phone provided is an AT&T network based LG G4
Safelink service stopped working at…